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Dry Creek Rancheria

Ancient Band of Native People

Dry Creek Rancheria

The Dry Creek Rancheria Band of Pomo Indians is a Northern California Indian Tribe whose Pomo and Wappo ancestors occupied the Russian River and Dry Creek Valleys continuously and successfully for more than five thousand years. Their success was due to a sophisticated knowledge of their environment, refined arts and technologies, participation in complex trade networks, with strong family and community bonds.

  • The Rancheria itself is one of Sonoma County’s leading businesses, generating millions of dollars for the local economy and supporting community activities throughout the region.
  • The Tribe Pomo Indians provides community benefit grants to public safety departments and hospital districts in Northern Sonoma County.

“Dry Creek Rancheria is committed to promoting patterns of success, learning, and professional achievement by tapping into their greatest asset – their people.

Our Brands

We take pride in introducing our brands, and we are confident that you will appreciate the attention to detail and dedication that we have invested in each one.

Energy Effciency

River Rock Casino

Inverter Integrations

Bellacana Vineyards

Demand Response

Ohosa Tobacco Shop

Oral Tradition

Preserving Our Language

Pomo language is a group of seven mutually unintelligible languages spoken by Pomo people in Northern California. The Pomo languages are part of the larger Hokan language family, which also includes Yuman, Esselen, Karuk, and other languages spoken in California and neighboring areas.

Unfortunately, like many Native American languages, The Pomo language is endangered and we are actively making efforts to preserve and revitalize our language.

Recent News

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    The Brush Arbor

    We signed a 25-year lease for 27 acres downstream of the dam at Lake Sonoma. The lease includes four 25-year renewals, so for the next 125 years, we will enjoy practicing our ancient traditions once again in the very place our ancestors did.

    Cultural Mitigation Efforts

    The project is part of ongoing “cultural mitigation” efforts to offset the effects of dam construction.

    Community Involvement

    Giving back to the community is a top priority.

    Today the Dry Creek Rancheria Band has more than 900 members. Most members of the Tribe live in the North Coast region and are members of the greater community.

    Tribal members participate actively in all aspects of community life. More than 300 members are students, with the majority attending schools in Sonoma County. Adult members of the Tribe work as emergency room doctors, fire fighters, teachers, ecologists, lawyers, bankers, museum directors and contractors in the region.

    Our Contributions

    • College Scholarships
    • Fire Safety

    • Environmental Care
    • Language Revitalization

    • Land Revitalization

    • Preserving Ancient Traditions

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