Tribal Court

Dry Creek Rancheria Band of Pomo Indians

Tribal Court

Those who violate tribal law may face sanctions, which could include fines, community service, or even exclusion from tribal lands, as decided by the Tribal Court.

Rules of Court

Children’s Code

CC-001-2013 CHILDREN CODE-Court- Summons

CC-012-2013 CHILDREN CODE-CPS- Child Investigative Order

CC-011-2013 CHILDREN CODE-ICWP- Alternative Permanent Placement Plan

CC-010-2013 CHILDREN CODE-ICWP- Proposed Case Service Plan

CC-009-2013 CHILDREN CODE-ICWP- Child Protection Petition

CC-008-2013 CHILDREN CODE-Court- Notice of the Motion for Rehearing

CC-007-2013 CHILDREN CODE-Court- Notice of Review

CC-006-2013 CHILDREN CODE-Court- Appeal of Final Order, Commitment, or Judgment

CC-005-2013 CHILDREN CODE-Court- Disposition Order

CC-004-2013 CHILDREN CODE-Court- Notice of Hearing

CC-003-2013 CHILDREN CODE-Court- Notice of Removal_Parent

CC-002-2013 CHILDREN CODE-Court- Notice of Removal_Court

Judicial Forms