Dry Creek Rancheria is committed to promoting patterns of success, learning, and professional achievement by tapping into their greatest asset, their people.

The previous sentence is not a sentiment, it is the truth. With the increasing numbers of the Dry Creek Rancheria’s Children it opens an opportunity of hope, creativity renewed, and leadership reborn.

The Education Department will work with each of your families in realizing this truth. Just as anything worth achieving, or work together is not going to be easy. Through communication, planning, our positive reinforcement the upcoming generations can embrace their potential, realizing a solid personal and professional footing in an all too crowded and uncertain world. It is in that pattern of success the Dry Creek Pomo can emerge strong, a nation renewed, learning from the past to celebrate the future.


The Education Department recognizes learning from the past is just as important as lesson-plans. The goal is to be aware and respectful to individual interests or needs. Whether this means culturally specific activities or studies, the education department will be receptive and engaged in working with community members and their families. The goal is to be inclusive of the comfort levels and diverse perspectives within the Dry Creek Community.Education Department acknowledges the History of the Pomo People with hope, creativity and determination.


Providing DCR membership with educational opportunities continues to be priority. We are well aware that to meet the world ahead it is essential that our current and next generation of leaders become educated to their fullest potential. Realizing individual potential requires a shared responsibility between governance and community.

In light of recent economic windfalls this balance between governance and community has an unprecedented opportunity to lay the groundwork which serves not only short-term educational development but also long-term educational interest and value of life-long learning.


These are exciting times for the Dry Creek People. Individually and as a community there are many choices to make ensuring there are leaders ready far beyond tomorrow.