The Community

Dry Creek Pomo people have been living in Sonoma Count for thousands of years. Today the Dry Creek Rancheria Band has more than 900 members. Most members of the Tribe live in the North Coast region and are members of the greater community.

Tribal members participate actively in all aspects of community life. More than 300 members are students, with the majority attending schools in Sonoma County. Adult members of the Tribe work as emergency room doctors, fire fighters, teachers, ecologists, lawyers, bankers, museum directors and contractors in the region.

The Rancheria itself is one of Sonoma County’s leading businesses, generating millions of dollars for the local economy and supporting community activities throughout the region. More than 650 Rancheria employees live, shop, and pay taxes in the area.

The Tribe Pomo Indians provides community benefit grants to public safety departments and hospital districts in Northern Sonoma County. Since 2004, these community benefit grants have exceeded $1.2 million.

In addition, the Tribe provides hundreds of thousands of dollars each year in direct grants to schools and youth groups in the area.