Introducing Pomo Ridge Distribution, LLC

pomoridge2Mission Statement

Our goal is to provide revenue to Dry Creek Rancheria through distribution rights of quality product that is either owned currently by various Dry Creek Rancheria enterprises, create new products for distribution, or acquire distribution rights on existing product lines and distribute these products locally in a profitable manner.

First and foremost it must  be determined if distribution rights on any particular product that is being considered for such distribution rights meets the requirements and needs of Dry Creek Rancheria and its Board of Directors in the furtherance of providing revenue to the tribe and does not distract from its image to the public.

Once it has been established that a potential distribution of a specific line of products meets that criteria, the Director of Pomo Ridge Distribution, LLC shall explore and interview with prospective candidates to determine the next step to proceed in doing due diligence on the product line.

Pomo Ridge Distribution, LLC is seeking additional product lines to match our business model in selling quality branded lines to our existing client base.  Because we are a Native American owned business, we are fortunate to have “Tribe to Tribe” distribution capabilities to over 550 federally recognized Tribes and their other enterprises, whether they be casinos or other retail investments, that hardly any other distributor would have access to. Additionally, we are considered by the federal government to be a “minority” business therefore giving us another unique position in selling to the federal government because the federal government must buy from minority businesses for all the military bases for Officers Clubs, PX and other retail operations on site.

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Pomo Ridge Distribution, LLC

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  • Pomo Ridge Distribution, LLC

    • Address:
    • 3750 Westwind Blvd ,Suite 200A Santa Rosa, CA 95403
    • Telephone:
    • 707-522-4246