housing_1Rental Assistance – This program utilizes governmental funding sources to better serve the housing needs of low-income tribal members.

Emergency Assistance – The emergency program assists low-income households that have temporarily found themselves without a home. The assistance comes in the form of a one-time rent payment, mortgage payment or security deposit.

Senior/Disabled Assistance – This program assists senior and/or disabled tribal members with immediate housing needs, allowing many to live as independently and safely as possible.

Student Rental Assistance – The Housing Department seeks to alleviate financial restraints for those attaining a higher education by providing aid for student housing needs.

Appliance Replacement & Home Improvement Assistance Program – This program focuses on seniors who own their own home and have no other means of assistance (insurance) for the repair of their homes.

Appliances – This refers to necessary and emergency modest appliance replacement to ensure the health and safety of low income tribal families.

Down Payment Assistance Program – The Housing Department offers down payment or closing costs assistance, financial counseling, home ownership education and ongoing support for low income tribal members who acquire homes off of the tribal reservation.